KDC, The Knowlton Development Corporation, is North America’s premier contract manufacturer and custom formulator for the Consumer Goods Industry, trusted by the world’s best known brands.

    • Power house in contract manufacturing, service and product innovation
    • The leading external antiperspirant and deodorant manufacturer
    • Foremost provider of OTC’s to the industry
    • The leading external provider of bath, body and shower products

    • To be the leading strategic partner to the global personal care industry.

      • Speed to Market
      • Operational excellence
      • Innovation
      • Quality & Service
      • Continuous improvement

      We strive to answer your brands' needs for superior product management and services; offering support from “beaker to box” as well as innovative solutions in formulation, engineering, and supply network partnerships. KDC offers any capability you need to empower your brand.

      KDC serves the industry from our five OTC-registered locations, situated strategically across North America in Toronto, Ontario; and the newest site to join the KDC Companies, ChemAid in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. The KDC family of companies continuously invest in being the best-in-class partner for the world's most exacting brands.





        • Innovation is Speed to Market

          Every year, we help brand owners launch hundreds of new products that capture and renew consumer interest in personal care products. We do this as quickly and safely as possible, leveraging the knowledge of the most experienced leaders across our sites. Each new product introduction team is designed and managed to fit the specific needs of the product to guarantee a successful national, regional or world-wide launch.

        • Innovation is Connectivity

          Our position in the supply chain is ideal for connecting brands and brand-owners to best-in-class services and technologies. KDC cultivates strong connections to world-class ingredient providers, packaging firms and is a proud member of the Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS) and Contract Packaging Association (CPA)

        • Innovation is Leveraging Knowledge

          Our expertise and scale in the manufacture of liquid surfactants, alcohol-based formulas and hot-pour and cooled solid products offer us a unique vantage point on formula development, emerging materials, strategic purchasing and material logistics. Leveraging our expertise offers opportunity for continuous improvement and true innovation in base formulations and product platforms.

        • Hot Pour Process

          We are a proud leader in the highly-specialized process of hot mixing, filling and cooling at controlled temperatures for the highest quality solid personal care products, such as deodorant and anti-perspirant sticks, solid or soft balms and highly viscous putties, pomades and waxes.


        • Natural & Organic Formulas

          Since 2000, we have developed hundreds of products for the natural and organic personal care market. Building on this legacy, KDC continues to invest in technologies, site certifications and formulae for a healthier and more sustainable consumer lifestyle. KDC nurtures partnerships with natural and organic ingredient providers and possesses special equipment to blend and manufacture some of the industry’s leading natural products.

        • Surfactant Systems

          Our expertise in soaps and other surfactant-based solutions has made KDC a leading developer, manufacturer and filler of hand soaps and bath & body products, and an important partner to some of North America's most recognized brands. Whether it involves classic surfactant blends, sulfate-free, bio-degradable or sustainably sourced surfactants, KDC can provide the solution to your brand’s needs.

        • Over the Counter [OTC] Topical Drug Products

          As a trusted manufacturer and formulator of anti-bacterial products and medicated topical drugs for over-the-counter sale, every KDC facility is equipped and registered to manufacture OTC products for personal care retail or professional health care channels.

        • Technology Partnerships

          With five leading manufacturing plants, four laboratories for research & development, the KDC Ideation Centre in Columbus, Ohio and the KDC Center for Innovation and Business Development in Toronto, Ontario; KDC is building powerful partnerships that develop and help to commercialize new and innovative consumer products.





      • Facial cleansers
      • Facial Scrubs
      • Antibacterial Hand Soaps and Gels
      • Hand Soaps and Foaming Hand Soaps
      • Shower Gels, Body Wash
      • Cleansing Milks
      • Variety of natural and NPA certified solutions available
      • New forms and technologies available for personal cleansing


      • Body Lotions and Milks
      • Body Butters and Creams
      • Hand Lotions and Creams
      • Antiperspirants
      • Deodorants
      • Roll-ons
      • OTC facial care such as anti-acne products
      • Facial lotions and creams
      • Self-tanning Creams
      • Body Oils
      • Radiance and Luminosity solutions
      • Variety of natural and NPA certified solutions available
      • New forms and technologies available


      • Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette
      • Maceration and Blending available
      • Body Mists
      • Hair Mists
      • Shimmering Body and Hair Mists
      • Solid Fragrance


      • Broad variety of Putties, Pomades and Hair Waxes
      • Facial Cleansers and Scrubs
      • Pre-Shave products
      • Shave Creams
      • Shave Butters
      • After-Shave products
      • Men’s facial care and lotions


      • Shampoos, Conditioners
      • Light Washes and Cleansing Conditioners
      • Hair Styling Creams and Sprays
      • Hair Masques
      • Hair Oils
      • Hair Gels
      • Variety of natural solutions available
      • New forms and technologies available


      • Home Fragrance Sprays
      • Passive Air Fresheners
      • Surface Cleaners
      • Dish Liquids
      • Variety of naturally based solutions



      • KDC cultivates a culture of compliance with respect for work processes and systems as well as specific customer needs. With a single GMP standard for drugs and cosmetics across all five OTC-registered sites, KDC employs a QA system that has been audited and approved by all multinationals and has been Health Canada, EU and FDA compliant for nine years.  KDC employs USP water purification systems as a minimum standard to meet the most stringent requirements.

        Additionally, there are quality teams in place at each site focused on network as well as site-specific quality systems, SOP’s, training, training validation and self-improvement auditing. All incoming materials are tested as are all batches and finished product.




      • The goodness of nature can indeed be intertwined in your personal care product formulation. Whether the formula you desire is green by nature or fully certified by the Natural Products Association ®, Whole Foods ® Premium compliant, or NSF, KDC is familiar with your ingredient needs and certification requirements. As one of the industry’s leading natural product formulators and manufacturers, KDC has intrinsic knowledge in the development and production of natural products and the special manufacturing challenges that they often represent.

      • KDC also offers several natural solutions to meet your brand’s needs; whether it is our award-winning, patent-pending 100% natural 24-hour deodorant or other product formulas such as biodegradable all-natural surfactant systems, NPA certified lotions or 100% natural antibacterial gels; our R&D teams will do their best to ensure your needs are covered.



      • recognizes...

        In 2013, KDC introduced two universal programs to promote and evolve best green practices and ecologically responsible alternatives for operations activities impacting Energy, Water & Waste.


      • GreenStream | Waste Reduction & Diversion

        KDC prioritizes the reduction, reuse & recycling of its resources through an annual waste audit at each site that feeds into a customized Waste Management Plan.

        GreenLOCK | Lab, Office, Cafeteria, Kitchen

        Small changes can oftentimes make a big difference. GreenLOCK encourages ground-level conservation focused on energy, water & waste practices in the non-manufacturing areas of each KDC facility.

        Building on a culture of continuous improvement in its operations. KDC is committed to the progressive management of our resources and our responsibility towards the environment and our stakeholders.


      • Indoor and outdoor environmental quality is embedded into the KDC Columbus facility and landscape design. Adhering to criteria in line with LEED Silver standard, KDC Columbus was awarded the City of New Albany’s ECOS certification at the advanced level. This is reflected in site features such as infrastructural building systems for efficient energy management and water use reduction as well as surrounding the plant with native and adaptive vegetation alongside water quality ponds to prevent erosion, storm water pollution and flooding.

      • BRINGS THE 3R'S

        TO LIFE

      • KDC Toronto has brought the three R’s of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to life with green programs in action. The facility conducts an annual internal audit to inventory all waste types generated in daily operations. With year-over-year improvements in resource management, our relative volume of waste to landfill continues to decrease as diversion efforts focus on new waste streams being added to the growing list of recyclables.



  • Nick Whitley - CEO
  • Pierre Prud’homme - CFO & EVP
  • Mario Allaire - Division President
  • Ian Kalinosky - Division President
  • Paul Pickles - Division President
  • Chris Calhoun - SVP QA and Regulatory
  • Duncan Coopland - VP Sales & Bus. Dev.
  • Matt Unger - VP Global Bus. Dev. Innovation & Marketing
  • Stephane Rivest - VP Engineering
  • Séverine Mathé - VP Market Dev. & Innovation
  • Marc Reiner - President ChemAid
    • Nick Whitley

      Nick joined KDC in January 2013 bringing a wealth of experience from Europe and North America where he has held a number of Senior Leadership roles in FMCG manufacturing organizations. Nick was Managing Director and VP of Western Europe for Cott Beverages, overseeing a multi-site operation and a number of contract manufacturers. Prior to joining KDC, Nick held the position of President at KIK Custom Products, a division of KIK Corporation. Nick obtained his BSc(Hons) in General Agriculture from Aberdeen University and is located at KDC’s Knowlton site.

    • Pierre Prud'homme

      Pierre has vast business experience, including work as Executive Vice President and CFO for KDC and its predecessor companies, currently responsible for all financial cofects, strategic purchasing and legal, Vice President and Controller for Pioneer Companies, Inc., a U.S. public entity, and for Imperial Chemicals, Inc. (IC) and CIL Industries, Inc. for more than 25 years in a multitude of functions, including credit, finance, information technology, business development, accounting, customer service, and purchasing. Pierre graduated from the University of Quebec in Montreal with a degree in Accounting and subsequently completed his Certified Management Accountant (CMA) degree. Pierre is located at KDC’s Knowlton site.

    • Mario Allaire

      Mario has held various management positions with Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble. Mario joined LEK in 2001 as Vice President of Operations. He was appointed the Vice President of Sales & Marketing in 2005 and was promoted to General Manager in 2006. Mario graduated from the University of Sherbrooke with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is located at KDC’s Knowlton site.

    • Ian Kalinosky

      Ian joined KDC in March 2013 with broad CPG experience across multiple categories, functions, and geographies. Prior to KDC, Ian was with Procter & Gamble, where he was Product Supply Director for the North America Home Care business, and Go To Market Director for the Dollar Channel. At Duracell, Ian held a number of key positions including Vice President - Global Manufacturing, General Manager - Duracell (China) Ltd., and Director of Rechargeable Operations. Ian has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, Management, & Economics from SUNY Empire State College. He is responsible for KDC Columbus and KDC Lynchburg, and is located in Columbus.

    • Paul Pickles

      Paul has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and packaging industry. For 14 years, Paul served as President and CEO of Contract Pharmaceuticals Limited (CPL), providing contract manufacturing services to some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in North America. Prior to joining KDC, he held the position of Senior Vice President, Contract Packaging Services at Jones Packaging Inc. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of the Tuck School of Business Executive Program. Paul is located at KDC’s Toronto site.

    • Duncan Coopland

      Duncan entered the contract manufacturing industry as an investor in 1996, and in 2000 joined Body Blue in Mississauga ON as the VP of Sales & Marketing, joining KDC in 2006. Duncan began his career in the CPG industry in the UK, and moved into the software, supply chain, and technology industries where he held various roles from sales to international marketing. Duncan graduated from Humberside University in Hull, England with a Bachelor of Business and Finance. He also received a diploma in Computer Science from Sheffield FEC in England and is located at KDC’s Toronto site.

    • Matt Unger

      Matt has been with KDC since June 2012 and comes with extensive experience in the global consumer goods industry. Matt heads KDC’s global business development program, KDC’s industry-leading innovation team and marketing. Prior to joining KDC, Matt spent twenty years at Procter & Gamble in many functions in North America as well as Europe. In addition to consumer-focused product development experience garnered across several billion-dollar brands, Matt spent nearly a decade designing and sourcing supply networks and managing global material supply for various spend areas and categories at Procter & Gamble. Matt is based in KDC’s Columbus, Ohio site.

    • Stephane Rivest

      Stephane has held his current position with KDC since 2008. Prior to joining KDC, Stephane held positions in Project Engineering & Maintenance Engineering with Cascades and with Johnson & Johnson as Principal Engineer and Director of Production in Montreal and France. Stephane was the Director of Technical Services at KDC Knowlton prior to his current position. Stephane graduated in 1988 from Concordia University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is located at KDC’s Knowlton site.

    • Séverine Mathé

      Séverine has been with KDC since January 2014 and comes from the cosmetic and fragrance retail industry. She heads Market Development and Innovation and has more than 20 years of experience in product development and innovation. She started her North American career as an entrepreneur, and was heading Marketing and General Management for a natural beauty brand she created. She has been head of Product Innovation, Marketing and Fragrances for 11 years for the manufacturer and upscale Canadian retailer Fruits & Passion. Séverine has a Masters in Biotechnology, a Pharmaceutical Industry degree and a MBA from Lyon University in France, and is based in KDC’s Columbus site.

    • Marc Reiner

      Marc joined ChemAid Labs in 1988 after having virtually grown up in the family business, exposed to nearly all departments and functions within the organization. While educated in Marketing, he quickly became well-versed in cosmetic formulations in order to satisfy the needs of customers. Within his role of President of ChemAid Labs since 2007, Marc has lead all creative Product Development, innovation, and Business Development for the organization. Prior to joining ChemAid Labs, Marc spent several years at Young & Rubicam, a leading global advertising agency. Marc brings a tremendous amount of market and consumer insight into the development process and works very collaboratively with customers to “translate” concepts into compelling, efficacious and performance-based formulas within the skin care, hair care and bath & body treatment segments of the beauty industry, with a focus on prestige and specialty brands / products.

    • Chris Calhoun

      Chris joined the KDC team in January 2015. Prior to that, over the last four years, he was Senior Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs for the Marietta Corporation. Previously, Chris had worked for 26 years in the pharmaceutical industry in order for P & G Pharmaceuticals and Norwich Pharmaceuticals, starting as a plant engineer and occupying various technical and leadership roles in Products Development, Quality assurance and Regulatory, including the last five years in Norwich Pharmaceuticals as president. Chris graduated in 1984 from Clarkson University with a BS in Chemical Engineering. He supports all KDC plants from his home office in Norwich, NY.




        • Situated in Johnstown, Ohio, KDC Columbus is strategically located in a new state-of-the-art beauty-oriented business park. This ‘beauty park’ is designed to better serve the needs of the world’s leading Personal Care brands by offering vertically integrated manufacturing solutions which enable efficient manufacturing, high-velocity logistics and reduced freight costs across the supply chain.

        • This world-class facility is designed for high-speed production of surfactants and alcohol-based products (Fine fragrances, body mists and antibac gels) with benchmark capabilities to assist customers in ideation and commercialization. Equipped with a superior lab space with cutting edge technologies, as well as a micro lab and olfactory room, KDC Columbus redefines the customer relationship in the consumer packaged good industry with a superior level of intimate R&D and conceptual collaboration.

        • In 2012, the newly constructed facility was awarded with the advanced level of achievement for the Environmental Criteria and Opportunities for Sustainability Program (ECOS) by the city of New Albany, Ohio for its environmentally conscientious building design.


      • With a high level of industry knowledge & manufacturing expertise, the KDC Columbus team is engaged to continuously meet customer expectations with strategic planning, flawless execution and speed to market. Leveraging the expertise of the KDC companies with an outstanding management and operational team, KDC Columbus is the ideal partner for the world's best brands and best consumer goods companies.


      • KDC is pleased to offer its business partners a state-of-the-art Ideation Centre dedicated to new concept and product development and on the spot formula, fragrance and product evaluation. The KDC Ideation Centre is like no other creative space in the industry and is exclusively available at our Columbus site. Join us to create a better future for your brands today.


      • KDC offers an industry leading R&D network of laboratories led by the state-of-the-art Columbus Innovation Laboratory led by Charles Galaise, Director of R&D and Innovation. The lab offers over 3000sqft of dedicated R&D space for formulation, stability, technical measurements and packout into a variety of packaging formats.

        The lab is fully equipped with hot and cold RO water from the manufacturing plant and is staffed with a variety of degreed and experienced formulators and chemists from across North America. The Columbus Innovation Laboratory is the go to lab when customers visit the KDC ideation center in search of formula and product options; and is capable of supporting ‘instantaneous product development’ in conjunction with the ideation space with a dedicated conference room for you to meet with our research staff.. The Columbus innovation Lab also offers on-site cosmetic and ICH-compliant stability equipment.


      • KDC Columbus, a greenfield site situated in the New Albany ‘Beauty Park’ is one of the newest manufacturing locations for personal care in the world. While it has many spectacular capabilities you would need to see for yourself, KDC Columbus is capable of supporting a variety of product formats; particularly those centered around surfactant or alcohol bases. The site is OTC registered and capable of producing formulations with very high alcohol levels, maceration, filtering and filling into elaborately decorated packages.

        Our position in the New Albany Beauty Park is something each client needs to see for themselves. The Beauty Park is a jewel in personal care and is a collection of packaging and finished good manufacturers that leverage our proximity to deliver unheralded speed and agility; not to mention negligible inbound logistics costs. Each site can conduct its own rapid prototyping to assist you in your product development needs. Come visit us and take a tour.

      • QUALITY

      • The KDC | Columbus Quality team is involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process. From the time components and raw materials are received until the finished goods are released, each product is continuously monitored for compliance to regulations, specifications, and customer standards. The production equipment is validated to provide objective evidence that the customer requirements can be consistently fulfilled. Onsite Analytical and Microbiological laboratories contain state of the art equipment used to perform an extensive testing regiment. Our QA and QC programs provide the necessary assurance that regulatory requirements are met and we deliver the intended consumer experience.



        • Situated in Lynchburg, Virginia, on the south-eastern US seaboard, KDC Lynchburg is within strategic distance from many of the industry's east coast distribution centers.

        • Regarded as one of the industry's most reputable manufacturing environments for liquid soaps, lotions, creams, hair, skin and alcohol-based products, KDC Lynchburg prides itself in serving consumer packaged goods customers with attention to detail and best-in-class performance.


      • With a high level of industry knowledge & manufacturing expertise, the KDC Lynchburg team is committed to being the #1 full service provider in contract manufacturing services by delighting customers with speed and quality, safely. Our empowered workforce is committed to continuous improvement and embracing new opportunities which is why KDC Lynchburg is the ideal partner for the world’s best brands and consumer goods companies.


      • Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains along the James River in Lynchburg, Virginia, KDC Lynchburg is a full service provider of personal care and over the counter (OTC) drug products. As a Center of Excellence in surfactant, complex emulsions and OTC drug manufacturing, the facility manufactures a large number sku’s for a diverse portfolio of customers.

      • QUALITY

      • KDC Lynchburg has a strong commitment to quality compliance which is reflected in our exemplary record with the FDA and the TTB. To ensure the highest quality products, testing services are provided through our on-site analytical and microbiology laboratories with state of the art instrumentation. The KDC Lynchburg team has developed a robust new product introduction process that empowers our customers to launch their innovative products from beaker to box.



        • Located in Knowlton, Quebec, KDC Knowlton is strategically positioned near the US-Canada border — immediately north of the US eastern states — and an hour and forty-five minutes away from Montreal's Trudeau International Airport and Burlington, Vermont International Airport.

        • KDC Knowlton is a highly flexible manufacturing environment designed to meet the needs of both the largest and smallest brands; from new product introductions to the continuous improvement needs of mature brands. Highly capable in the production of liquid and solid products formed with special hot fill and cool technology, KDC Knowlton is recognized by the market as a leader in large-scale hot pour capabilities, boasting some of the best expertise in the manufacture of anti-perspirants, deodorants and hair styling putties and pomades in the world.


      • The KDC Knowlton organization is a team-driven environment designed to adapt to the changing needs of its customer base. Knowlton’s teams are best in class in planning and introducing new products to the mass market, as well as introducing cost improvement programs that secure a product's profitability over its life-cycle. Since 1991, KDC Knowlton has been a stable partner to some of the most important brand-owners in the world, as its management and operational teams continue to refine their approach to managing the complexity of the consumer packaged goods industry.


      • KDC Knowlton boasts a highly capable and multifunctional 10,000 sqft laboratory staffed with teams that support R&D, Quality and Micro. The Knowlton laboratory has helped develop, commercialize, and manage quality and micro for many of the world’s best known brands and continues to find new ways to add value to our demanding customers. Additionally, the Knowlton laboratory offers RO water from the site to produce GMP lab samples and offers on-site cosmetic and ICH-compliant stability equipment.


      • Outfitted with a variety of manufacturing suites and modules, KDC Knowlton offers a diverse manufacturing environment to a broad portfolio of clients. Knowlton offers many different types of compounding vessels for the blending of alcohol, surfactants, emulsions and products with special needs, such as nitrogen blankets and pressurization. KDC Knowlton offers significant capabilities in hot fill and pour for the manufacturing of antiperspirants, deodorants, hair pomades and putties, lip balms, and body butters. Furthermore, the site boasts nearly 30 filling lines covering all formats of tubes, bottles, and jars.

      • QUALITY

      • KDC Knowlton has made significant investments in quality and compliance and offers a USP-37 compliant water system. Quality is built into the manufacturing process from the very beginning.
        The KDC Knowlton QC lab is itself vivid proof of KDC’s commitment to quality. Whether it’s your first meeting with our dedicated New Product Introduction team with your latest innovation or discussions about the quality of existing production, you will experience our systematic approach to delivering best-in-class quality. KDC Knowlton offers comprehensive in-house services such as specification review, stability (cosmetic and OTC), micro and challenge testing, methods transfer, scale-up, qualification and validation. Building upon these, KDC Knowlton is well known for their robust GMP, hygiene practices and quality system; successfully audited by agencies and customers to ensure your product meets the highest quality standard unit by unit and lot by lot. This is our commitment to you ‘our customer’ as we commit ourselves to continuously improve.



        • Located in two facilities in Mississauga, Ontario, KDC Toronto is strategically located in the midst of one of North America’s major supplier basins, just a few minutes away from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. KDC Toronto has developed an outstanding reputation for delivering speed to market advantages along with an entrepreneurial approach to developing solutions for our customers; servicing clients throughout North America in the cosmetic, personal care, and over-the-counter drug markets. It has a long history of efficiently producing quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of its customers. The operation is regularly inspected by FDA, Health Canada, and its customers.

        • KDC Toronto is a leader in hot fill technology and in conjunction with KDC’s Centre for Innovation and Business Development located just a few minutes away, develops and manufactures antiperspirants, deodorants, body and hair care products. The site has a reputation for ensuring successful product launches and boasts a unique environment for the manufacturing of natural products.


      • The team consists of some of Toronto's best talent in engineering, operations, quality, product development and account management. The ability to quickly respond to their customers’ ever changing market demands has been a key component of their success. The unwavering commitment of the staff to customer satisfaction is embedded within the cultural fabric of the site.

      • Centre for Innovation and Business Development Located just a few minutes away from the KDC Toronto manufacturing facility, KDC’s Centre for Innovation and Business Development has helped many brands formulate and launch a broad variety of personal care products. The business centre offers clients a sizeable meeting facility as well as ideation areas that are collocated with the Toronto innovation lab, staffed with some of the most experienced and reputable formulators from Canada.


      • Located just minutes away from many major US and Canadian distribution routes, KDC Toronto can formulate a broad variety of cosmetic and OTC personal care products. The site is primarily built around the efficient manufacture of hot fill and cool products (Antiperspirants, deodorants, hair putties and pomades), liquids (both surfactant and emulsion) for packaging into bottles and tubes with special equipment to manufacture natural products.


      • KDC Toronto offers a 750sqft innovation lab staffed with experienced formulators and chemists. Led by Toronto’s Directors for Innovation, Dr. Vicki Cherepanov and Hany Mobarak, the innovation team has helped dozens of clients get to market with compelling formulations across both cosmetics and OTC’s. The lab is dedicated to both liquid and hot fill and cool chemistry with full on-site cosmetic stability capabilities and physical measurement equipment.

      • QUALITY

      • KDC Toronto’s quality systems are designed to exceed the expectations of the FDA, Health Canada, and our customers. These systems are built on a foundation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that are developed, maintained, and reviewed at the site regularly to ensure current and ongoing regulatory compliance. This strict compliance is manifested in the site’s documentation, validation processes and training programs.



        • KDC ChemAid (formerly ChemAid Laboratories), part of the KDC family of companies since December 2014, was established in 1971. KDC ChemAid specializes in the custom formulation, manufacturing and filling of prestige, high performance and high quality skin care, hair care and bath & body treatment products. ChemAid has formulated and produces many "best in class" formulas within these beauty categories that have garnered consumer, industry and beauty editor acclaim over many years. KDC ChemAid's depth of experience in these prestige and specialty beauty categories facilitates extensive collaboration and value-added benefits to our customer partners.

        • In addition to its strong reputation for innovation, the Company is recognized for its robust quality systems and industry leading service levels. KDC ChemAid is located in Saddle Brook, NJ, strategically close to New York City, an important hub of the Beauty Industry.


      • The ChemAid team is sharply focused on exceeding customers’ expectations for Innovation, Quality and Service. The team is able to respond to quickly changing market demands while staying absolutely focused on client needs. Each member of the management team has extensive industry experience and years of service at ChemAid.


      • KDC ChemAid formulates, manufactures and fills a broad range of high performance, high quality and efficacious hair care, skin care and bath & body treatment products in a broad spectrum of textures and aesthetics. Filling capabilities can accommodate nearly all sized bottles (including liters and gallons for back-bar), tubes and jars as well as bulk shipments. The KDC ChemAid site can manufacture a broad variety of luxurious textures providing a complete range of aesthetics and visuals. The ChemAid facility and team is very customer focused and agile to react to customer needs and surpass expectations with flexibility to accommodate short runs from 5,000 units to larger production runs.


      • Innovation is at the heart of our business. Our team is comprised of some of the most talented and respected Formulators in the industry focused on developing texturally and aesthetically compelling products with highly efficacious and innovative technologies. The team works diligently to refine and perfect products to our exacting specifications and to meet or exceed customer expectations. KDC ChemAid has a proven track record of developing many “best in class” formulas within the hair care, skin care and bath & body segments of the beauty industry, many of which have garnered consumer, industry and beauty Editor recognition and awards. This dedication to world class formulas with many years of experience provides value-added collaboration with our customers to facilitate the progression, development and growth of their brands.

      • QUALITY

      • Quality is KDC Chemaid's guiding principle, from formulation through the final release of finished products. The quality systems employed at the site are recognized by customers as being best-in-class. Our highly trained professionals monitor every step of the process to ensure that our products comply with all recognized standards and our clients’ exacting specifications. ChemAid was awarded the ISO 22716 certification for Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics. Our quality systems are well documented with comprehensive SOPs and employee training is rigorously enforced to ensure compliance.




    130 Claireville Dr.
    Toronto ON
    Canada M9W 5Y3

    1.416.640.1957 x248



    8825 Smith’s Mill Road North
    Johnstown, OH
    USA 43031












    2300 DREW RD.
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    USA 43031




    1000 ROBINS RD.
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    100 Mayhill St.
    Saddle Brook, New Jersey
    USA 07663



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